Facilities owned by Batu Tapak Camping Ground, among others:


Batu Tapak Camping Ground has a flat camping area, it’s weight about 2,5 hectare, located high above the mountain, has a big structured, adorned with the big natural stones.

Beautiful Landscape

Beautiful view opposite the Gede and Pangrango mountain, a look direction to every direction such as the green resin forest, Cicurug City, and another villages, even up to spectacular lamps at night.


Many games offer for outbound training such as paint ball, flying fox, two line bridge, spider web and much more.

Mini Waterfall

Mini waterfall that can be used for swimming.

Natural Environment

Natural surrounding / environment which is very suitable and offer possibility for hiking, sliding, tracking, climbing and many others interesting activities.

Parking Lot

Provide very save parking area.


Cafetaria offer many necessities include for catering, open non – stop 24 hours.


Place for religious service like Mushola.


Complete with restroom, with good maintenance and clean.


Camping area with good managing and good sanitation, very clean – completed with the BRC fence and steep ainside. For the entrance, visitors through one main door, guarded by the security for 24 hours.

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